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A Voices Christmas
Festive Christmas Choral Music
Released 2004
A programme of unusual and attractive Christmas repertoire performed by the international award-winning chamber choir. The music on this recording ranges from arrangements of Traditional carols through to early twentieth century works, such as selections from Britten's A Ceremony of Carols and Pulenc's Quatre motets pour le temps de Noël. Also featured are a host of more recent carols from various parts of the world, including Sandström from Sweden, Griffiths and Chilcott from New Zealand, and Bennett and Joubert from the UK/South Africa.
Bach: Works for Harpsichord
Original works and transcriptions of Italian, German and French music.
Released 1998
Transcription played an important part in Bach's musical apprenticeship. This album documents a recital of harpsichord music by Bach performed by the late and gifted harpsichordist Anthony Jennings. This album is the first of two recordings released after Jennings death. As this recording reveals, his performances are masterly and played with authority and superb musicianship.
Beethoven: Favourite Piano Sonatas
The great sonatas 'Moonlight', 'Pastoral' and 'Appassionata'
Released 1996
From the recorded collection of Trust Records' complete Beethoven cycle performed by Michael Houstoun is this album of the best-known and favourite piano sonatas: the 'Moonlight', 'Pastoral' and 'Appassionata'. Houstoun is renowned for his superb performances of Beethoven. Recordings featuring on this album earned him 'Best Classical Album' (RIANZ, 1996).
Beethoven: Piano Concertos 1 & 2
Volume 1 of the Beethoven piano concerto series
Released 2003
One of New Zealand's favourite pianists gives a compelling account of Beethoven's first two piano concertos, in a live recording with the Christchurch Symphony. The first two concertos showcases Beethoven's unprecedented dynamism like much of his early music. Beethoven first performed these concertos and used them as a vehicle for launching his career. The featured soloist in this series is celebrated Canadian-born pianist Diedre Irons.
Beethoven: Piano Concertos 3 & 4
Volume 2 of the Beethoven piano concerto series
Released 2004
The complete cycle of Beethoven's piano concertos continues with this live recording of the third and fourth concertos. The third concerto is directly inspired by Mozart's own C minor concerto. However, the fatalism which pervades much of Mozart's work is transformed into the sternly heroic in Beethoven. Inspired more from his own music, it has been suggested that Beethoven's fourth concerto depicts Orpheus taming the Furies. The featured soloist in this series is celebrated Canadian-born pianist Diedre Irons.
Beethoven: Piano Concertos 5 & Violin Concerto in D (Transcribed)
Volume 3 of the Beethoven piano concerto series
Released 2004
Completing the cycle of Beethoven's piano concerto series, this third volume and 2-CD set includes his most famous, and widely considered to be his most heroic work, 'Emperor' concerto and the rarely heard piano transcription of the Violin Concerto. The featured soloist in this series is celebrated Canadian-born pianist Diedre Irons.
Beethoven: Piano Sonatas
Discs 9-10 of the complete Beethoven cycle performed by Houstoun
Released 2001
One of New Zealand's foremost pianists, Michael Houstoun, performs the complete cycle of Beethoven's 32 piano sonatas. This 2-disc set, discs 9 and 10 of the complete series, includes the 'Tempest' and 'La Chasse'. Houstoun is renowned for his superb performances of Beethoven and won 'Best Classical Album' award (RIANZ 1996) for the first release in this series.
Beethoven: Piano Sonatas from the Middle Period
Discs 1-3 of the complete Beethoven cycle performed by Houstoun
Released 1995
One of New Zealand's foremost pianists, Michael Houstoun, performs the complete cycle of Beethoven's 32 piano sonatas. This 3-disc set, discs 1-3 of the series, features the piano sonatas from the Middle Period, including 'Moonlight', 'Pastoral' 'Waldstein' and 'Appassionata'. Houstoun is renowned for his superb performances of Beethoven and won 'Best Classical Album' award (RIANZ 1996) for this first release of this series.
Beethoven: The Early Sonatas
Discs 6-8 of the complete Beethoven cycle performed by Houstoun
Released 2001
One of New Zealand's foremost pianists, Michael Houstoun, performs the complete cycle of Beethoven's 32 piano sonatas. This 3-disc set, discs 6-8 of the series, features the Early Period sonatas, among them the favourite 'Pathetique'. Houstoun is renowned for his superb performances of Beethoven and won 'Best Classical Album' award (RIANZ 1996) for the first release in this series.
Beethoven: The Last Five Piano Sonatas
Discs 4-5 of the complete Beethoven cycle performed by Houstoun
Released 1996
One of New Zealand's foremost pianists, Michael Houstoun, performs the complete cycle of Beethoven's 32 piano sonatas. This 2-disc set, discs 4-5 of the series, features the last five sonatas. Houstoun is renowned for his superb performances of Beethoven and won 'Best Classical Album' award (RIANZ 1996) for the first release in this series.
Beethoven: The Last Three Piano Sonatas (DVD)
Houstoun Performs Beethoven's Last Three Piano Sonatas
Released 2009
In this Live film recording, Houstoun revisits this classic Beethoven programme with vitality and renewed depth, since his award-winning release of the complete Sonata cycle (Tui Awards, Best Classical Album 1996 & 1997). This release includes the complete Live performance of these three works and an exclusive 40-minute interview with Houstoun, who candidly discusses his interpretation and meaning of the works.
Brahms and Beethoven: Piano Trios
Favourite chamber music
Released 1996
The debut recording of the Turnovsky Trio, documented in this album with the first line-up of members: Sam Konise (violin), Christopher Kane (cello) and Eugene Albulescu (piano). First formed in 1991 and throughout their tenure, the Trio competed as finalists in the International Chamber Music Competition (Melbourne, Australia, 1995) and were featured in the International Festival of the Arts (Wellington, New Zealand) in 1992 and 1996.
Brass Aotearoa: New Zealand Brass Band Music
New music for brass band
Released 2003
A compilation of new works from New Zealand performed by the 2003 National Youth Brass Band of New Zealand, especially commissioned for their 'ANZAC' Tour to the UK. The distinctive sound of the brass band, and the enthusiasm of its members, has allowed composers to develop a unique voice, inseparable from the musical community to which it belongs.
Canciones Españolas
Spanish classical songs for soprano & piano
Released 2002
Soprano Deborah Wai Kapohe, with pianist David Harper, brings her exceptional vocal talents to a programme of classical Spanish songs by Montsalvatge, Obradors, Guridi, Rodrigo and Granados. Showing a distinct flair for the Spanish classical song repertoire, Wai Kapohe shares here her passion for this rich and colourful language.
Choir of the World: Choral Music
Live choral music concert
Released 1999
The New Zealand National Youth Choir and baritone soloist Paul Whelan, under their musical director Karen Grylls are featured here with live recordings from their triumphant 1999 European Tour, the tour in which they celebrated their 20th anniversary and also received the prestigious 'Choir of the World' award at Llangollen in Wales.
Christmas Baroque
Pastoral Christmas music from the Baroque era
Released 2002
This recording brings together a selection of familiar and not-so-familiar works by Bach/Kuhnau, Handel, Michael Haydn, Torelli, Manfredini, Lalande, Ferrandini, Gossec and Valentini, performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. The pastoral tradition in music has had a long and distinguished history dating back to ancient times. 'During the late 12th century, greater liturgical freedom permitted the singing of popular noëls during midnight mass. In the 17th and 18th century, this freedom also allowed composers to use popular tunes, and to compose new music with pastoral elements for these occasions. Italian composers began to create specific musical styles for use during Christmas celebrations, notably Christmas Eve, which were eventually taken up by composers throughout Europe.' - Marc Taddei
Elegy: Songs for Baritone and Piano
English art songs
Released 2000
This recording features a recital of English art song performed by bass-baritone Paul Whelan with pianist David Harper. The programme also includes the deeply felt Elegy by New Zealand composer Douglas Lilburn, set to words by Alistair Campbell. Having performed with many leading UK orchestras, this recording showcases Whelan's more intimate repertory.
Elusive Dreams: New Zealand Piano Music
New music for solo piano
Released 2000
This album was recorded live at the 1996 International Festival of the Arts (Wellington, New Zealand) of Michael Houstoun performing a recital of works for solo piano by New Zealanders John Psathas, Christopher Blake, Kenneth Young, Douglas Lilburn, Jack Body and Gareth Farr. A finalist for 'Best Classical Album' (RIANZ, 2001), this recording demonstrates the breadth of excellent piano writing in New Zealand, with several of the works written especially for the featured artist Houstoun.
Fantastic Musick for the Italian Harpsichord
Harpsichord music from the Baroque era
Released 1998
This recital demonstrates the superb gifts of harpsichoridist Anthony Jennings in realisations of music from the Baroque repertoire. One of two albums released after his death, Jennings performance of a selection of Italian works is documented here. As this recording reveals, his performances are masterly and played with authority and superb musicianship.
Farquhar: Three Symphonies
2nd Generation New Zealand Symphonies
Released 2004
Three substantive symphonic works spanning the career of New Zealander David Farquhar. These highly original works reveal an assured expressive quality in Farquhar's writing, ranging from serious and dense clustering dissonances to more whimsical and open passages of lyrical expression. Personal and distinctive music.
Farr: Chamber Music
New instrumental works
Released 2000
This album features a number of debut recordings of chamber music works by celebrated New Zealander, Gareth Farr. This recording showcases Farr's characteristically energetic writing with works Shadow of the Hawk, Cadenza, and the Balinese gamelan-influenced Sepuluh Jari. While in contrast, the evocative and haunting work for solo harp From Forgotten Forests reveals Farr's more lyrical and intimate writing. Perhaps Farr's most widely performed work Kembang Suling also features on this recording and is now considered to be standard repertoire among flute and marimba players worldwide.
Farr: Horizon
New piano music by Farr, solo and with cello & flute
Released 2012
Horizon showcases the vibrant and beautiful piano music of Gareth Farr. From the exotic sonorities of Indonesian gamelan to the more impressionistic influence of Olivier Messiaen, with echoes of Prokofiev and Shostakovich, this recording reveals Farr's engaging style. New Zealand-born pianist and prize-winning Juilliard graduate Henry Wong Doe is joined by New York City colleagues in performing the ten works on this album, including seven first recordings.
Farr: Owhiro
New music for string quartet
Released 2000
This album features exclusive recordings of three sparkling and energetic works for string quartet by Gareth Farr, performed by the New Zealand String Quartet. Owhiro (1993), Farr's first string quartet, was written while he was resident in Owhiro Bay in Wellington and composer-in-residence with Chamber Music New Zealand. Mondo Rondo is a highly animated work with clear references to his influence of percussion with hocketting effects and exotic tunes. Frenzy is a high-energy piece with a strong emphasis on rhythm, jaunty phrasing and gritty harmonies.
Farr: Ruaumoko
New symphonic music by Farr
Released 2006
A collection of works for symphony orchestra by celebrated New Zealander, Gareth Farr. Farr's music is by turns dynamic, lyrical, percussive and rhythmic, but above all, it is some of the most exciting and approachable contemporary music you're likely to hear. This recording features the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kenneth Young and soloist Conal Coad (bass) performing exclusive releases of Farr's Ruaumoko, Orakau, Rangitoto and thoroughly exciting Beowulf.
Farr: Sea Gongs
Classic symphonic works by Farr
Released 1997
Fully re-packaged, Gareth Farr: Sea Gongs combines two classic Farr titles into this two-disc deluxe edition. CD 1, Farr: Orchestral Music (MMT2021) contains all-exclusive Farr recordings, including title work From the Depths Sound the Great Sea Gongs, commissioned by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra for its 50th Anniversary. CD 2, Farr's orchestral single Te Papa (MMT2026) contains title work Te Papa, composed to celebrate the opening of the Museum of New Zealand. Te Papa combines symphony orchestra, operatic soprano and tenor and Maori karanga into a powerful and moving work which 'transcends idiom and individual taste.'
Farr: Tangaroa
New Marimba Music, Solo and with Flute & Piano
Released 2008
Throughout Polynesia, Tangaroa is the god of the sea. While Gareth Farr is probably best-known to audiences as the composer of mighty orchestral scores, one of his greatest strengths as a composer lies in the field of chamber music, particularly works for percussion. Following on from Farr's previous five successful releases, Tangaroa features eight of his works for marimba performed by Jeremy Fitzsimons, founding member and director of Strike from 1993-2003 and performer on the RIANZ 'Best Classical Album' of 2004.
Farr: Te Papa
New symphonic works by Farr
Released 2009
This recording features a recording and remixes of Te Papa, a special symphonic work written to celebrate the opening of the Museum of New Zealand, by acclaimed New Zealander, Gareth Farr. First released in 1998 as a single, this album is included as disc two of Gareth Farr: From the Depths Sound the Great Sea Gongs (MMT2021D).
Farr: Warriors From Pluto
Works for chamber orchestra by Farr
Released 2001
By turns dynamic and lyrical, percussive and rhythmic, this recording features five works for chamber orchestra performed by the NZSO Chamber Orchestra with percussion ensemble STRIKE. The powerful and beautiful voice of soprano Deborah Wai Kapohe also features on this album. Exclusive recordings of Farr's Naga Baba, Te Parenga, Warriors from Pluto, Nga Tai Hurihuri, and Time and Tide.
Fête: French Organ Music
Collection of organ music recorded in Wellington Cathedral
Released 2002
This recording features a collection of music from a fascinating and intense period of creativity in French organ music, spanning nearly 150 years, performed by celebrated concert organist, Andrew Cantrill. This collection of works traces the history and evolution of French organ music throughout this period, bringing to light the breadth of timbre, intensity and range of this magnificent instrument.
French Violin Sonatas
Natalia Lomeiko and Olga Sitkovetsky perform French music
Released 2004
This recording includes an attractive programme of French works from the late 19th and early 20th century, including works by: Debussy, Ravel and Ysaÿe. The Sonata in G minor was Debussy's last completed work. It progresses in a succession of flurries and agitations, like leaves in an autumn wind. Complementing Debussy is Ravel's Sonata in G major, which is noted as innovative for embarking on fusing jazz styles within a 'classical' setting. All performed by rising violin star Natalia Lomeiko and International award-winning pianist Olga Sitkovetsky.
Gaude/Rejoice: Joyful Choral Music
Choral music compilation
Released 2004
This recording was released to coincide with the New Zealand Youth Choir's 25th Anniversary celebrations. The works by Elgar and Rautavaara are complemented by pieces in a programme linked loosely by the theme of 'rejoicing'. The choir has achieved considerable success since its formation in 1979 with performances around New Zealand and a number of international tours, including placing at worldwide competitions and choral symposiums.
Hindson: Modern Objects
Australian rising stars: Naoko Miyamoto & Matthew Hindson
Released 2008
Trust Records presents the first full-length disc devoted to the music by composer Matthew Hindson. The orchestral works of this Australian composer usually provoke wildly differing reactions – some people believe his cross-pollination of classical forms and instrumentation with elements drawn from extreme styles of contemporary popular music (techno and death metal included) is nothing short of artistic desecration, while others (a majority, it might be noted) greet his music with rapturous enthusiasm. Certainly, it would be hard to accuse him of writing in an inaccessible style!
In Recital: Songs for Tenor and Piano
Classical and Romantic songs
Released 1996
This recording features two of New Zealand's foremost performers, Keith Lewis and Michael Houstoun performing a recital of songs and lieder by Mozart, Schubert, Fauré, Falla and Prokofiev. The album features a varied and satisfying programme, with favourites of the repertoire (such as Schubert’s ‘Die Forelle’ and Faure’s ‘Après un rêve’) alongside more unfamiliar material by Falla and Prokofiev, with a couple of Irish folk songs to round off with.
Island Song: Beautiful New Zealand Music
New Zealand music compilation
Released 2010
A collection of beautiful New Zealand classical music from the Trust Records catalogue. This album features classical pieces written by five celebrated New Zealanders: Gareth Farr, John Psathas, Douglas Lilburn, David Farquhar and John Ritchie. Performers include the NZSO, NZSO Chamber Orchestra, and NZTrio; also featured are conductors Donald Armstrong, Marc Taddei and Kenneth Young.
Landscapes: New Zealand Orchestral Music
Favourite symphonic works from New Zealand
Released 2001
This recording brings together a collection of works marked by a diversity of expression and mood, but united in that they all reflect to a greater or lesser degree the artists' consciousness of the New Zealand landscape. Together, the works make up a 'snapshot' of New Zealand composition at the end of the twentieth century.
Lilburn: Piano Music Vol 1
The complete piano music of Douglas Lilburn
Released 2004
The first of a projected four-CD collection, this album brings to light in premiere recordings a number of works which were never publicly performed in the composer's lifetime. The performances by Dan Poynton are assured and idiomatic, presenting a unseen side of this pre-eminent New Zealand composer.
Lilburn: Piano Music Vol 2
The complete piano music of Douglas Lilburn
Released 2004
The second in the four-volume series of Lilburn's entire output for the piano performed by Dan Poynton, this recital once again includes music from throughout the composer's career.
Lilburn: Piano Music Vol 3
The complete piano music of Douglas Lilburn
Released 2011
The third of a projected four-CD collection, this album brings to light in premiere recordings a number of works which were never publicly performed in the composer's lifetime. The performances by Dan Poynton are assured and idiomatic, presenting a unseen side of this pre-eminent New Zealand composer.
Lilburn: Piano Music Vol 4
The complete piano music of Douglas Lilburn
Released 2012
This landmark series in four volumes culminates with this 2-CD album. This fourth volume brings to light several first recordings. The performances by Dan Poynton are assured and idiomatic, presenting an unseen side of this pre-eminent New Zealand composer.
Liszt: Piano Works
Favourite works for solo piano
Released 1996
Renowned New Zealand pianist Michael Houstoun performs a solo piano recital of works by Franz Liszt. These recordings were featured in the New Zealand Television documentary Icon in b minor, which first aired in 1996. The romantic performer-composer Liszt is often considered to be the greatest pianist of his era. Liszt invented the public recital and career of travelling virtuoso. This album showcases a selection of his music that is poetic, virtuosic and at times ebbs to artistic repose.
Liszt: Songs
Keith Lewis and David Harper perform Liszt
Released 2004
Although a prolific songwriter Liszt is not commonly regarded as a lyricist in the same way as are his contemporaries Wolf or Brahms. In this recital Keith Lewis aims to offer support for the contention that Liszt's songs are deserving of a more prominent place in the vocal repertoire. 'We must understand Liszt as the arch-Romantic who, like Byron, was an amalgam of all the passions, excesses and human frailties that are intrinsic elements of the Romantic artist. It is both the greatness and the critical failure of his music that its inspiration came from the heart before the mind, often as an almost involuntary outpouring of emotion that retains the indiscipline implicit in such acts of spontaneity.' - Virgil Pomfret
New Zealand String Quartet: Schubert
Schubert's final and most epic string quartet
Released 2013
New Zealand String Quartet: Schubert represents a milestone in the Quartet’s career of over 25 years with a recording of Franz Schubert’s masterpiece, String Quartet in G Major, D.887. As Schubert’s final and most epic string quartet, it is essential listening for classical music and string quartet enthusiasts. Schubert pushed the boundaries of string quartet writing of his time by including a huge range of dramatic contrast and requiring a high level of technical prowess from performers. This work is inventive and conveys a sense of urgency with its major/minor harmonic conflict, sudden accents and change of dynamics. It remains as a pinnacle of string quartet repertoire.
Opera Kings, Gods and Mortals
Arias for tenor and chamber orchestra
Released 1997
This album features a programme of operatic arias by Handel, Gluck and Mozart, performed by one of New Zealand's busiest tenors, Keith Lewis, along with the New Zealand Chamber Orchestra conducted by Kenneth Young. Lewis has built up an international reputation as an interpreter of Mozart, his contemporaries and immediate predecessors, for which this album illustrates his art.
Parihaka: New Zealand Music
New Zealand songs, music & poetry
Released 2000
A soundscape of music and poetry from the Wellington City Gallery's major exhibition on the history and story of Parihaka, the centre of a major campaign of passive resistance to European occupation of confiscated land in the area. Music by Tim Finn and Herbs, the Patea Maori Club, and twelve of New Zealand's finest poets reading their own work.
Piano Recital 99: Russian Piano Music
Romantic piano music programme
Released 2000
A Russian-themed recital, with music by Robert Schumann, Prokofiev, Scriabin and Rachmaninov features in this studio recording performed by celebrated New Zealand pianist, Michael Houstoun. The Fantasie in C showcases Schumann's penchant for extra-musical allusions; Prokofiev's third sonata features the element of toccata and full of expression in using the full range of the keyboard. Also featuring on this recording is Scriabin's Sonata No.9, 'Black Mass' and Rachmaninov's Three Etudes-tableaux from Op.39.
Piano Recital: Diedre Irons
Classical and Romantic works for solo piano
Released 2002
A studio recording of music by Mozart, Schumann, Ravel, Chopan and Gershwin, made prior to Diedre Irons' warmly received New Zealand-wide concert tour in 2002. From a review of this recital at Great Hall Arts Centre: 'This recital… was unequivocally of international standing. What makes her playing such a joy is her natural ebullience, be it Mozart's Sonata or Ravel's iridescent Sonatina… This recital goes straight into my 2002 Top Ten short list.'
Prokofiev & Beethoven: Piano Concertos
Live recording of two major works
Released 2001
This album features Michael Houstoun, one of New Zealand's leading pianists, performing live with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in two major works of the piano concerto repertoire, Prokofiev's third and Beethoven's 'Emperor' concertos. Joining Houstoun is conductor James Judd leading the performance of Prokofiev and conductor János Fürst conducting Beethoven with the country's national orchestra.
Psathas: Fragments
New music for Percussion, Piano and String Quartet
Released 2003
Like an injection of adrenalin direct to the heart of New Zealand classical music comes this new album of chamber music by John Psathas, featuring Jeremy Fitzsimons (percussion), Stephen Gosling (piano) and the New Zealand String Quartet. A work by John Psathas is an individual unique entity. His 'sound' is difficult to define – the harmony and improvisational feeling of jazz, the compelling rhythmic drive and excitement of rock music and the sustained repetitive textures of minimalism are apparent as influences, yet they combine and intermingle with something else less tangible. His is one of the most original voices in the arena of New Zealand contemporary music.
Ritchie: Aquarius
Symphonic music by Ritchie
Released 2002
In commemoration of the composer's 80th birthday, this recording includes a programme of John Rithie's delightfully attractive works for string orchestra and full orchestra. John Ritchie is one of New Zealand’s senior composers. He has created a body of work which, while less well-known, is loved and enjoyed by performers and audiences alike for its deft craftsmanship and pleasing melodic grace.
Russian Romantic Piano Trios
Favourite chamber music
Released 2003
The first all New Zealand-born and educated professional chamber music ensemble, the Turnovsky Trio documented and recorded here performing favourite Russian piano trios from the Romantic period, including Arensky's Piano Trio No.1 in D minor, Rahmaninov's Trio Élégaique No.1 in G minor, and Glinka's Piano Trio in D minor Pathétique.
Spark: New Zealand Piano Trios
New Music for Piano Trio
Released 2005
Cutting-edge new music for piano trio performed by the brightest new stars in the firmament of New Zealand chamber music: NZTrio. This debut recording of the ensemble features a programme of works they have made their own in concerts throughout New Zealand and overseas.
Spirit of the Land: New Zealand Choral Music
Music and words inspired by the New Zealand landscape
Released 2006
This recording comprises New Zealand choral music that spans over three decades and draws upon the words of New Zealand poets and inspiration from the landscape of Aotearoa (New Zealand). The choir engages with a diversity of styles and unique colours and textures through the performance of these works. Best Classical Music Album (New Zealand Music Awards, 2006)
Strike: New Zealand Percussion Music
New music for percussion ensemble
Released 2000
Debut recording of New Zealand's most dynamic percussion ensemble: STRIKE. This album features a varied programme showcasing the breadth of the group's talents with works ranging from the excitement and energy of Gareth Farr's Volume Pig and the Cook Islands log drum piece Taku Manu E, to the intricacy and subtle textures of Ricochet and Iron Tongues. Best Classical Music Album, New Zealand Music Awards (RIANZ, 2001).
Syrinx: Music for Flute and Piano
Early 20th century French music
Released 2003
The flute in its various forms is one of the oldest known instruments, and this recital of early 20th century French music features works inspired by subjects from Greek, Roman and Indian mythology. Featured artist Bridget Douglas is Principal Flute of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Artist Teacher of Flute at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Douglas is actively involved in the performance of new music and is a co-founder of the contemporary music ensemble STROMA.
Taurangi: New Zealand Music for Flute and Piano
New Music for Flute and Piano
Released 2006
Taurangi is a 2 CD collection of works by New Zealand composers. Disc 1 features works for flute and piano, and Disc 2 is comprised of works for solo flute. Both feature stunning playing from two of New Zealand’s best musicians. This album showcases a unique soundscape from 13 composers, ranging from substantial 10-minute works to shorter whimsies and miniatures.
Transports de Joie: French Organ Music
Works from the modern French school
Released 1999
A thrilling collection of organ music from the modern French school, performed by Philip Walsh on the organ of St. Paul's Cathedral in Wellington, Cathedral. There can be few places in the world where so much organ music was written within such a small geographical area. All of the composers on this recording (except one), worked in Parisian churches and were influenced by the great organ builder Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, and they created a remarkably distinctive flavour of music and a whole new sound world.
Verdi: Simon Boccanegra Opera
Complete live audio recording of Romantic opera
Released 2003
Verdi's sombre and powerful operatic masterpiece, with its themes of love, hate, treachery and reconciliation, is brought to life in this production from the 2000 New Zealand Festival, featuring the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Chapman Tripp Opera Chorus conducted by Marco Guidarini and directed by Stephen Lawless.
Waikohu: New Zealand Music
Traditional and new Waiata (Maori songs) & instrumental music
Released 2005
Traditional and contemporary waiata in new instrumental setttings, featuring works and performances by Gareth Farr, Richard Nunns (taonga puoro) and others. 'Waikohu' (mist or fog - infers that reality is shrouded in the mist, that it is not possible to be sure of what you see) is a unique release from Trust Records, waiata old and new performed by the remarkable vocalist Mere Boynton (who starred in 'Once Were Warriors').
Wild Music: Orchestral Music Compilation
Orchestral favourites inspired by nature
Released 2004
A compilation of best-loved orchestral music inspired by nature. Each piece has been chosen for its programmatic connection to a specific conservation topic. It pays homage to the natural beauty of New Zealand and celebrates the ongoing work done to ensure that it exists for future generations to enjoy.
Winds That Whisper
New Zealand choral music from the 20th century
Released 1999
The National Youth Choir of New Zealand, directed by Karen Grylls, features in this recording of New Zeaeland Choral music from the 20th century. This recording showcases the rich choral music heritage of New Zealand with a wide-ranging programme, including traditional Maori wiata by Ngapo Wehi and Richard Puanaki and major works by Jenny McLeod, John Ritchie, David Hamilton and David Griffiths.
Young: Orchestral Works
New symphonic music by Young
Released 1998
This recording features three symphonic works from a unique New Zealand voice, Kenneth Young, featuring performances by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra under direction of the composer. 'Wheather he's conducting, composing, teaching or performing, Young is unafraid to engage and challenge the emotions of people.'

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